Not too long ago in Nigeria, the best way to buy a used car was to watch out for a "for sale" sign on cars in your neighbourhood or travel a long distance to the very few used car markets around. Now, the internet is just a few years away from being the best way to shop for used cars in Nigeria. The primary reason is the search capability of the internet. It allows you to locate the exact type, make, brand, features and even the price of the car with one click and from the comfort of your home.

The internet has also made it easier to sell off old cars. Why drive your car around the neighbourhood with a "for sale" sign stamped on it (knowing fully well that you might have to wait months before a buyer starts knocking) when you can advertise to thousands of eager buyers on the internet with a few clicks.

There are a number of car buying/selling websites in Nigeria but of course only a few can stand out from the crowd. Here's a list of the 4 best websites to buy and sell cars in Nigeria in 2014.


Tradestable is a free classified ad website where anyone can sell or buy anything online. Tradestable is completely free to use and it is no doubt one of the biggest free classified ads site in Nigeria. It is the 4th best place to buy or sell used cars in Nigeria as it currently has over 13 thousand cars for sale and attracts over 16 thousand visitors daily.


Olx is the most popular free classified ads website in Nigeria today thanks to their recent advertising campaign on radios, TVs, Facebook and others. Olx attracts about 69 thousand visitors daily and like Tradestable above, Olx is completely free to use and anyone can sell or buy anything on the website. Olx is the third best place to buy or sell used cars in Nigeria today.


Cheki is the most popular car marketplace in Nigeria right now. The company has been growing steadily since its launch in 2011 and now it easily attracts over 24 thousand visitors daily. Cheki, unlike other marketplaces on this list is not free to use. They make sellers pay about N1000 to advertise one car for a maximum of 30 days. Its car loan and car insurance services makes cheki unique and different from its competitors while it's N1000 per ad charge help keep scammers at bay.


Carmudi, as the name implies is almost completely dedicated to cars. At anyone can buy or sell motorcycles, cars and other commercial vehicles. Carmudi, a sister company to Jumia (one of the biggest online stores in Nigeria today) is free to use and it's (arguably) the safest place to buy a used, tokunbo and even new cars online in Nigeria because of their zero tolerance for fraud and professional way of doing business.

According to carmudi they provide zero fraud and trusted sellers with full transparency. This statement is not far from the truth as majority of the cars offered for sale on the site are sold by verified, popular and trusted car dealers in Nigeria. The most eye-catching feature of carmudi is their "Berger Market" store where they bring about 10,000 tokunbo cars sold by verified car dealers directly from the popular Berger car market to your computer screen.

Carmudi has our vote as the best car website in Nigeria in 2014 for providing a safe way to shop for used cars from the comfort of your home using a sleek, simple and easy-to-navigate website.



samson destiny
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Plls hw can I get a six to seven seater can for distance transpot and hw much will it cost
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Informative, thanks for sharing this business opportunity
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